Verrückt nach Meer

The programme features a small cruiser on its way from Canada, via South America, to Antarctica. This little vessel is now part of the long-term series featuring big cruisers. The captains, Vladimir Vorobyov and Igor Gabler, want to give their passengers the chance to discover foreign countries by boat. The size of the vessel is not common for a cruiser; it only offers space for about 400 passengers, this means though that the little ship can take routes that big cruisers normally cannot take and thus it is able to head towards beautiful tourist destinations, as well as places that cannot be reached by big cruisers.

All this, and the fact that there is a family atmosphere on board, makes passengers come on board regularly. The captain and crew always give them a warm welcome and, this time, some celebrities are also joining the trip.

The programme is an enjoyable and exploratory travel documentary which shows perspectives that normally remain concealed to the public. For this purpose, the vessel opens its doors to the galley, the storage room and other areas. The crew‘s complex daily routine can be seen, as well as exciting trips to foreign cultures. In each episode, members of staff, the captain, or some explorers have to face new challenges or experience thrilling adventures.

„Verrückt nach Meer – vom Wasser aus die Welt entdecken“ is a production of Fandango Film TV Internet GmbH on behalf of ARD under the leadership of SWR.