Feuer, Wasser, Erde, Luft – Retter in ihrem Element

The documentary series shows the work of emergency services on water, in the air, on earth or in the fight against fire. We accompany the everyday heroes and rescuers, who are the first to arrive at the scene, and tell the emergency situations from their point of view. RTL+


Documentary Series, 90 Minutes

VOX 2023

Wo die Liebe hinfällt – Jedes Paar ist anders

Where love goes, there are no limits: Neither for Sarah Bauer, who against all odds loves a man 45 years her senior, who also lives 8000 km away and is terminally ill – nor for young Rebecca Brock, who thanks to Jesus found the love of her life, Kory Brock, who is in prison in Michigan awaiting his release. Two strong women who put up with everything for the love of their lives. Our last episode now on RTL+

Tierretter mit Herz

Our new documentary series entitled ‘Tierretter mit Herz’ focuses on the emotional, challenging and tireless work of vets and animal rescuers. Whether pets, farm or wild animals – every day, the animal rescuers give their all to support and help the mainly four-legged charges and their owners in difficult situations, and to save lives. 

All episodes on RTL+


Documentary Series, 48 Minutes

VOX 2023

Schlaflos in Portugal

Can you be friends for years without really knowing each other? Can you fall head over heels in love even though you have spouses at home whom you love? Ulrike C. Tscharre and Oliver Mommsen face these questions when they go on their annual vacation to the Algarve without their spouses, played by Melika Foroutan and Barry Atsma. ARD Mediathek.

Official Selection, Filmfest Hamburg 2021


TV MOVIE, 90 Minutes

ARD/Degeto 2023

Endlich frei! A SAT.1 documentary event

They have experienced domestic violence. They have survived domestic violence. Elli, Sarah and Laura film their upsetting stories in “Endlich frei!” – and at the same time use them to give courage. In the SAT.1 documentary event for International Women’s Day 2023, they show how they were able to fight their way out of a violent relationship with their ex-boyfriend, ex-husband or stepfather. They tell of their first brutal assaults, death threats and, in open conversation with host Marlene Lufen, tell of how they managed to break out of the spiral of violence and save themselves. (SAT.1)

Watch on JOYN


Documentary Event, 90 Minutes

SAT.1 2023

Tierbabys – süß und wild!

Baby animals are so very sweet. Regardless of the breed, people immediately fall in love little kittens, lovely puppies and tiny polar bears. In our animal documentary, we show how fascinating the birth and the first few months can be for the little four-legged friends. The last season can be seen on RTL+.


Documentary, 48 Minutes

VOX 2021

Hausärzte mit Herz

The documentary follows five general practitioners (GPs) during their daily routine. All of them operate under time pressure, treat emergency cases and help their patients to cope with unexpected diagnoses. Despite all this, they never lose their empathy and passion for their work. In addition to featuring the doctors’ work, the documentary also offers a glimpse into their private lives. All the current episodes are available in the ARD Mediathek.


Documentary Series, 30 Minutes

WDR 2023

Stadt, Land, Flucht – Wir ziehen raus

Why not exchange the small and far too expensive rental apartment in the big city for the equally expensive historical courtyard with a distant view and significantly more space in the country? In STADT, LAND, FLUCHT, VOX presenter Anni Dunkelmann gives families the unique opportunity to try just that.

All episodes now on RTL+.