Schlaflos in Portugal


Can you be friends for years without really knowing each other? Can you fall head over heels in love even though you have spouses at home whom you love? Ulrike C. Tscharre and Oliver Mommsen face these questions when they go on their annual vacation to the Algarve without their spouses, played by Melika Foroutan and Barry Atsma. ARD Mediathek.

Script: Sathyan Ramesh | Director: Florian Froschmayer

Cast: Ulrike C. Tscharre, Oliver Mommsen, Melika Foroutan, Barry Atsma, Kya-Celina Barucki, Julius Gause

Executive Producer: Julia Röskau | Producers: Jürgen Schuster, Geronimo Beckers

TV Movie, 90 Minutes

Official Selection, Filmfest Hamburg 2021

SCHLAFLOS IN PORTUGAL has been awarded the Produzentenpreis für Deutsche Fernsehproduktion 2021.