Endlich frei!

Three women film their liberation from an abusive relationship for International Women’s Day 2023 on SAT.1

They have experienced domestic violence. They have survived domestic violence. Elli, Sarah and Laura film their upsetting stories in “Endlich frei!” – and at the same time use them to give courage. In the SAT.1 documentary event for International Women’s Day 2023, they show how they were able to fight their way out of a violent relationship with their ex-boyfriend, ex-husband or stepfather. They tell of their first brutal assaults, death threats and, in open conversation with host Marlene Lufen, tell of how they managed to break out of the spiral of violence and save themselves. (SAT.1)

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CAST: Krista Tcherneva | Stephanie Amarell | Lea Gerstenkorn | Maria Wardzinska | Patrick Mölleken | Thomas Poltmann | Daniel Wiemer | Rosa Halina Dahm | Celia Abraham

SCREENPLAY AND DIRECTING: Elli, Sarah and Laura in collaboration with Eike Weinreich | CASTING: Bärbel Bodeux | CAMERA: Giulia Schelhas | Jan Krämer | Paul Bogdanski | David Huth | LIGHTING: Martin Schönherr | Manuel Schildknecht | ASSISTANT LIGHTING: Anna Bergman | SOUND: Tarik Babaoui | Fatih Aydin | COSTUME & PROPS: Ines Koehler | ASSISTANT PROP: Naima Lkhaouni | Peter Heinevetter | MAKE-UP: Fiona Lang | Gitty Homberg | DRONE PILOT: David Huth | SET PHOTOGRAPHER: Luis Engels

SET MANAGEMENT: Stephan Stein | Josefin Richter | PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Philip Schüller | HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Bernd Kuckelkorn | LEGAL ADVISORY: Stefan Morbach

HEAD OF POSTPRODUCTION: Nils Koenen | COLOR GRADING: Lars Henschkowski | ASSISTANT POSTPRODUCTION: Mario Fiedler | Dominik Glowka

MONTAGE: Stefen Rocker | Dirk Hohmann


CONCEPTION: Geronimo Beckers with the collaboration of Heiko Schäfer based on an idea by Eike Weinreich and Jan Krämer

EDITOR SAT.1: Alexander Just | CHIEF EDITOR SAT.1: Juliane Essling

SPONSORED BY: Ministerium für Kinder, Jugend, Familie, Gleichstellung, Flucht und Integration des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen | Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Oberhausen

A production of Fandango in cooperation with Ruhrkomplex